Design for Animation, Narrative Structures & Film Language

Mise-en-scène on 2001: a Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick’s direction and vision have always been acclaimed, but why is it difficult to understand the aim of his films? And why is Kubrick claimed to be a visionary cinema director? This report is going to analyze and explain how important some details are in one of the… Continue reading Design for Animation, Narrative Structures & Film Language

Character appeal and Uncanny Valley

The character appeal: the appeal in animation is similar to actors having charisma. It can still be unsympathetic, a villain, or a monster. The appeal is critical for audience association with the character creating interest and concern. It lies not only in the character’s design but the action and deed of the character within the… Continue reading Character appeal and Uncanny Valley


The genre is related to a culmination of technical, aesthetic, and narrative components like a romantic comedy, war movie, and so on. Different numbers of factors combine and create the definition of the genre. This is an audience-led which Gratification Theory underlines. The genre codes and conventions are in a constant state of development, but… Continue reading Genre

Established & Emergent Practice

Underline how VFX provided a contribution to films. Definition of established practice: it is measurable and documented. It’s something recognized and accepted in a compatible pipeline and meets the benchmark of the audience. Ray Harryhausen special effects Titan, he produced so much VFX on his own in cinematic films. Star Wars is a turning point… Continue reading Established & Emergent Practice


Story Arcs Story arcs: A girl, Bella Swan, comes back to the city where she was born and raised. After her first day of school, the Cullens draw her attention. Raising Action: Bella notices some supernatural qualities in the youngest of the Cullens, Edward, and finds out he is a vampire. In the meantime, Charlie… Continue reading Twilight


Film language Film analysis: context (acknowledge your area) and value for VFX artists. We should use a technical field such as pacing and editing, compositing, and lighting for the contextual area. However, there is another important field: the aesthetic, which underlines the mise en scene, the color, genre, and the rhythm. Mise en scene means… Continue reading Mise-en-scène

Story Arcs

Kurt V is a great exponent of the story narrative that brings and puts, in a nutshell, a story narrative, showing some complexities. The story arc in Romeo and Juliette: exposition introduces the setting, characters Raising action characters struggling with problems. Climax the tensest moment of a story and the character faces a crisis Falling… Continue reading Story Arcs


Many politics is embedded in films and cast. What aspects does it underline? Social media is a big influence but equally broadcast news, animations, and films. One of the things in the 1940s was a propaganda film. Always a relationship between film, documentary, and fiction. Political messages underline issues but sometimes these are hidden and… Continue reading POLITICS AND PERSUASION IN ENTERTAINMENT

Visual Language, History of Cinema and Animation

Visual Language: The Camera Directors use “visual language” as a way to describe how they plan out their movies, which is a way to tell stories using moving images. The basics: how to speak movie CAMERA SHOT LENGTH: we’re talking about how fare the camera is from the subject we’re shooting that works horizontally. The… Continue reading Visual Language, History of Cinema and Animation