Bad and good animations

Bad animations:

  • 1. South Park – South Park might be, in terms of animation, a bad one. During seasons 1 through 3, show a lack of animation qualities other shows don’t have, such as a lack of smooth movements, no depth of field shown, and some problematic cuts during conversations between the characters. However, since season 4 everyone is rapidly bobbing their heads and the background has gotten a lot more detailed. Still, the show is not one of the best animation series ever done.
  • 2. Billy & Mandy – Although this show is one of the most hilarious television series ever designed, Billy & Mandy has many problems. Also, in this case, the animation is flat. The show doesn’t seem to have any realistic qualities (shadows, depth of field, etc..), and the characters’ facial expressions seem to be quite the same all the time. Also, sometimes Billy & Mandy’s episodes seem not to have any resolution.

Good animations

  • 1. Soul, Pixar – The setting of New York City is large and bustling full of life. Every street, every building, every texture is fully detailed and gives out that authentic New York feeling whether you take a subway, get a haircut from a barber or perform at a jazz club. Soul’s characters creates appeal to the audience thanks to its philosophical concept and for its great realism. Also, Soul shows two different kinds of animation, which brings the film to a next level as Inside Out did.
  • 2. Luca, Pixar – One of the most amazing things that Luca has is the study behind the animation. The key to the entire movie are moments of transformation, the metamorphosis. As matter of facts, the filmmakers figured out how to showcase the incredible transformation from sea monster to human and back in a fun and organic way. It happened thanks to how squids and octopuses change the colour of their skin. Moreover, Luca is inspired by many medieval depictions on a Renaissance map from the 1500s, as well as sea monster sculptures, fountains, benches and mosaic art found throughout Italy.

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