Workshop 4

First thing first, Gonzalo has recorded some green screen videos both with the iPhone and the Black magic in room M312, in order to make us realize the difference between the two devices.

Once we had what we wanted, we exported the video from the Black Magic and started working on the plate in Nuke.

Firstly, we used a Roto to isolate the character from the background. Then we added to the plate a Camera Tracker, fixing the parameters with the ones we used to record and create the track, and added a Scene.

Once the Scene was added, we create from it a Camera

Then we duplicated the plate and added a Denoise to it. Once the denoise was fixed, we used a Keylight to eliminate the green screen on the background. We fixed the Keylight’s Screen Matte Clip Black and White and finally, we achieved what we wanted the plate to look like.

Here we added another Roto to isolate the foreground from the green screen markers, and added a Merge (stencil) to delete them.

Then we used the source image made in Photoshop, saved it in Nuke with its Layers, to add a background to the actor we isolated.

Once the Plate was added, we added a Card to it to see it in a 3D space. Then we brought the Camera we previously made from the scene we added at first and connected it to a new Scene.

Once we’ve done it, we used a Scanline Render, an output from 3D spaces to 2D.

In order to make visible the background, we moved back the card

Then we reformat the background and added the Merge (over)’s A to the Scanline and the B to the Merge stencil.

Eventually we added a card to each layer the photoshop plate hade, and connected each one to a Scene.

Finally, once the background was done, we fixed the color correction of the character to match the background.

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