Established & Emergent Practice

Underline how VFX provided a contribution to films.

Definition of established practice: it is measurable and documented. It’s something recognized and accepted in a compatible pipeline and meets the benchmark of the audience.

Ray Harryhausen special effects Titan, he produced so much VFX on his own in cinematic films.

Star Wars is a turning point for the VFX industry and cinematic. The main aspect of the film is how the intensity and technology came at one time.

Emergent practice

The workflow format today


  1. Single location
  2. Micromanaged workflows
  3. Scheduled iterative production progress


  1. Management/supervision can be light, frequent, and iterative
  2. When properly staffed, teams can be financially lean
  3. Admission/accounts teams able to maintain open communication with production teams


  1. Synchronized production is limited by physical studio space
  2. Immediate financial climates affect running costs
  3. Limited scope for technical innovation
  4. Severe limitations on the quantity of projects


  1. Multiple locations either by task or role
  2. Disconnect between artist and management workflows
  3. Healthy productions are fast productions


  1. Synchronized production pipelines for larger projects
  2. Opportunity to run multiple projects in parallel
  3. Opportunity to exploit economic variations across markets


  1. Management administration slips out of sync with production
  2. Time zones
  3. Running costs of multiple production locations


  1. Real time collaboration across multiple locations
  2. Realtime overlap between production stages
  3. Convergence of industry workflows

Virtual Production Platforms are subdivided into two

Unity and Unreal are innovative tools that bring new dimensions to any screen.


  1. Open stream game development engine
  2. Approximately 60-80% of VR projects run through Unity
  3. Accessible, but not actively intuitive


  1. Closed streaming Development Engine
  2. Limited in output or publication options, but far more accessible and intuitive


A reflective statement and supporting research that discusses what opportunities emergent technologies present to your area of practice.

Firstly, we must emphasize that the Visual Effects industry is constantly changing.

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