Collaborative Project: Jewelry


The first thing Louis and I did was buy some props to assemble in order to make look realistic the “environment” we were trying to simulate.

After having looked at some references on the internet – more specifically from Storm and Shelter for Clogau Collections – we decided to make an adv using some of the jewelry we had at home.

Later we used a Led TV – as well as Storm and Shelter did – to play the background environment video we previously downloaded. Eventually, we fixed the lights in room W108.

Once the setting was okay, we started adjusting some camera parameters such as focus, footsteps and so forth.


However, we checked the recordings we made on the first day and they were not what we expected. Mostly due to our hands that were shaking, but also because of the Black magic weight.

So, we booked another day in W108, but this time we used a Ronin to help us with the recording.

We checked the greyscale and the other parameters of the camera as well as we did the previous day.

And afterward, we decided to assemble the ronin to the tripod which had 3 wheels and would have helped us to make smooth camera movements.

Finally, we turned off the lights and turned on the one we needed, fixed the Led tv, and start recording.

Due to some problems with wetransfer, you can see the work we have done on Nuke and Davinci and the final render on Louis’s blog.

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