Story Arcs

Story arcs: A girl, Bella Swan, comes back to the city where she was born and raised. After her first day of school, the Cullens draw her attention.

Raising Action: Bella notices some supernatural qualities in the youngest of the Cullens, Edward, and finds out he is a vampire. In the meantime, Charlie (Bella’s father), Chief of the Forks police, was working on a case: seems that a good friend of his was murdered by a dangerous animal. The Cullens know that there is another vampire cult in the city.

When the Cullens decided to play baseball during a storm, Edward wanted to bring Bella to the game. Here the new vampires come on stage and because of a gust of wind, the most dangerous vampire between the three (James) smelled Bella’s human blood. The hunt is started.

Climax: Alice and Jasper (Edward’s step-sister and step-brother) bring Bella far from Forks but the girl receives a phone call from her mother. It was James. He tells Bella to meet him alone at her former ballet school otherwise her mother will die. Bella goes and James starts playing with his quarry. James bites Bella and she starts to transform.

Falling action: Edward arrives but he has to suck out James’s venom to not turn Bella.

Resolution: Bella is still alive but she wants to be turned. Edward denies her request but comes to terms: she will have immortality only if their love means forever.

Story Circle

8 archetypes

Hero: is Bella Swan.

Mentor: Carlisle is the only one that tries to help both worlds, natural and supernatural.

Threshold Guardian: is Rosalie.

Herald: Alice since she can see the future.

Shapeshifter: Jacob, is on Bella’s side but even before he turns into a werewolf, the relationship between the two of them starts to be challenging.

Shadow: which is not necessarily a bad guy, in this case, is Edward because he is the opposite of Bella.

Trickster: Charlie Swan, Bella’s dad.

Allies: all the people that try to protect Bella from attacks: Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, and Laurant.


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