Research task

Motion Graphic

  1. What you’re researching? How you’re researching it?  Why it is important to research this subject?

Since my days back to my Bachelor, I always have been fascinated by the Motion Graphic field.

It is important to underline that Motion Graphic (animated videos which can be 2D, 3D or both) is a fun way to inform and entertain the audience. The importance of this field lies in delivering a simple message to costumers, through using a complex workflow.

This research’s aims are:

  1. Pointing out the field’s advantages and disadvantages
  2. Explaining how Motion Graphic approaches different fields
  3. What Motion Graphic will be in the future
  • Provide at least 5 keywords
  1. Connection: Motion graphic has the ability to connect people all around the world. Let’s think about all the commercials we know and we can recall, from food and soaps to jewelry and liquors. Every commercial has the aim to make the audience think “that is what I need”. Therefore, motion graphic makes a connection between what the brand does and how this can fulfil your needs.
  2. Skills: as a motion graphic, you should be able to make artworks, to give a face to an idea; animate, to bring energy to the story; sound, to draw attention on the message. Those need to work together smoothly throughout the video’s length to keep the audience engaged
  3. Marketing: Motion graphic videos are an effective way for content marketers to communicate complex information and data-rich content in an easy-to-digest format.
  4. Learning: as we will understand in the paper, motion graphic knowledge does not only work for marketing purposes, but also for educational and cultural aim.
  5. Future: as I always said, motion graphic will be the future of graphic. Static artworks do not work for our generation anymore. We are definitely more interested in movement. Let’s think about all those magazines that catch our eyes but we don’t buy, and then think of all those digital ones that ironically have artworks in movement, animations or kinetic typography. Which one would be more appealing?

Those are the main areas the proposal will underline in order to understand the value and the opportunities that Motion Graphic can reach in 3-5 years from now.

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