Week 11: The (premature) choice

Doing this assignment made me realize many things. First of all, I was definitely not aware of how many different VFX job roles existed and worked on a VFX pipeline. Secondly, what I dreamt about for the last three years, eventually, is what I still want to do in the future. The Modelling artist.

Since I started Motion Graphic during my bachelor’s degree in Italy, I could not think about anything apart from modeling. It was, and still is, incredible how people can transform an idea into something extremely realistic and “alive”. From meshes we are able to sculpt anything such as surfaces, characters, environments, or objects; moreover, the demand for 3D artists is appallingly high and models can be created for any kind of purpose. Nowadays, 3D modelers work on different software, but during those past years, many of my favorite 3D artists are interacting with many digital tools (for example a physical pen or a tablet), which is more than interesting because if you can use them, eventually you will have more control on what you are doing and achieve an astonishing result.

Here is a video that helped me follow my current path and changed my whole life:

However, another job role that got my attention is the Texture Artist, which focuses his works on creating textures for 3D animated or still objects. During the time I used Cinema 4D, texturizing models was surprisingly fun and quite easy. Today though, I am learning how complex it really is. Texturising is incredibly important in this field and Arnold is an amazing software that if properly used, could transform a good model into a high-level composition. I think this is one of the greatest strengths of Texture artists.

Last but not least, the Animator role would be another great choice. 

Currently, I am not really into animation, but it must be underlined that animation is not just focused on characters and facial expressions. I have always had an attraction for procedural effects: particles, procedural elements, and fluids are some of the reasons that led me to take this path here in London. Since I discovered this field, I have always had a soft spot for advertising rather than the VFX industry. The greatness of advertising lies in being able to animate everyday objects and communicate to the audience the client’s feelings or values. Several studios like Sixnfive, Yambo, or Ditroit have this ability to share something important through the use of animations, unlike what we are used to seeing in movies.

However, these three interests are certainly not by chance. Right now I am trying to focus all my effort on what UAL is offering me, but having passion sometimes is not enough. I definitely want to work harder, I surely want to push myself more, be curious than ever and learn more information as possible, but most importantly, I still want to have fun every time I put my glasses on.

Currently, I still stand on the idea of becoming a modeling artist, but first I am going to focus myself on every single subject this opportunity in London is teaching me and when the time will come, I will ask myself again: “what do you want to do Carlotta?”

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