Week 11: Motion Vector

We were asked to remove the lamp on top of the billboard.

First of all, we add a Denoise < drag the source to the plate and see if it works. Then do a pre-comp which makes the video faster.

Afterward, connect another pipe to a merge node in minus mode, which will show us just the grain of the plate.

Then rotopaint the lamp with the clone and apply a normal roto to determine its alpha.

Add a bit of blur to make the alpha softer and premultiply all.

Is important to remember to add a Framehold (in this case hold on frame 1001) to make sure that the clean-up will stay at that frame without disappearing or moving.

Then choose some points that will be useful to track the lamp, select the point and track the scene. Afterward, make a matchmove node to move the patch we held with the Framehold.

Then add a matchmove in order to move also the patch

However, even if the scene looks nice, you need to make sure what we cleaned up is properly cleaned.

Add a F_regrain, which is the third last button you can see below, and plug the grain into the original plate and source into the matchmove node.

Double click the F_regrain < click advance < change the intensity of the channels red, green, and blu using merge in minus view.

Look at the RGB channels to see if the grain of the lamp now matches the scene

If there are some glitches remember to clean the cache of the composition.

This is the tree of the composition:

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