Iron Man

  • Edit the footage < ensure the scene is saved correctly < export buffer compression to see if the clip plays back at full speed < start tracking .
  • Start with the background < create two point groups: “camera track” and “face track”.
  • Startthe track < image controls < correct contrast to track
  • Track the background <start press T < end press E
  • Apply calc all < fix any problem point < remember to get under 1.0 and above 0.0.
  • Lens settings < input the correct camera information including lens information and camera constraints < calculated again
  • Adjust focal length
  • Go to parameter adjustment tab < adaptive < calcule all.
  • Click on  Face Track point group < add tracked points where needed

Once all points are tracked on the head, do the same steps as before to ensure everything is correctly done.

  • Export the work as a MEL Script < open in Maya
  • Import a 3D model of an Iron Man helmet and an image plane < move the helmet over the man’s head.
  • Export the helmet in the correct position <  Face Track point group < import the model into 3DE.
  • Lineup viewport < select all the face tracks < projected the points on the 3D model
  • Save the project and go to Calc < Calc From Scratch (Alt-C)

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