Week 6: Pickup

About this lecture, we created and rigged a character. It was created by using primitive polygons and grouped in a parent hierarchy in order to affect properly some parts of the model.

Is important to make sure to change the pivot points in the right places so that it would make sense for a body part to move in that manner.

Even the arms followed a hierarchy. When the parents move, the children will follow them. *Remember: To not transform the shape of the polygons, freeze the transformation before*

Following step by step were also created some joints for the leg, which followed a similar parent hierarchy used for the arms. Moreover, in order not to ruin the work, those joints were mirrored for the second leg. Then I created a single hip joint and constrained both the legs to it. This passage is important in order to move the legs when the hip moves, as our body does. To achieve this was created a hip control from a primitive circle nurb.

When we finally understood the rigging process, a fully rigged model was given to us. I decided to use some techniques learned during my first month in 3D Computer Animation, to create a smoother and realistic animation using the graph editor.

Final Result

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