Week 01: Modelling

After having changed my course from 3D Computer Animation to VFX, I decided to model my own room.

I started this process by using a simple cube polygon to model the table. Modified through edge and points, the primitive polygon was meant to follow the photo reference’s shape.

After that, I duplicated the shape and combined both with the bridge tool.

In order to create a proper table I added another primitive polygon, which was meant to be the upper part of it, and applied a bevel to not modify the whole mesh.

Then I started model a chair by using the same process used for the table so: creating a cube and modifying it according to the shape I wanted as reference.

The sink: I modified the inputs of the cube and by selecting the faces I extruded the mesh.

In order to make it looks like a proper sink and not rounded, I selected the edges and use the Insert Edge Loop tool. Then I applied the loop as much as needed to make it looks like this.

This was the most difficult part:

I clicked and extruded the face inside the sink to make it as squared as I could. Then I pushed it slightly to the border in order to not have a hole in the middle of it. Afterward I extruded the face down to create the hole and into its attributes I smoothed the mesh.

Later I created a pipe and matched it into the hole. Then I went to top view, put on the wireframe view and used the pipe as a guide.

Using the multiple edges loop at 1 (Insert Edge Loop tool), automatically it will create an edge in the very center of the mesh.

After I created a vertical and horizontal edge, I used the cross section as anchor-point to recenter the pipe.

Thanks to this passage I could change the shape of the sink face. I selected the vertexes of the face and the I used the circularize tool. Finally I selected the faces of the circle and extruded it. Then I deleted it.

Then I created a cylinder and added several subdivisions caps on it. I grabbed all the faces below and deleted them, then with the extrude tool I created the shape.

In the end I wanted to recreate the Arc by A. Castiglioni using a sweep nurbs and smoothed polygons.

Unfortunately I poorly managed my time and I was not able to put any texture or furniture before the deadline.

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