Camden – Video

  • Go in Environments < basic
  • Camera < browse < delete the directory and copy the http of the folder, then paste
  • Create a folder and another one inside the new called Maya
  • Open maya < files < project window < and copy the http of the created folder
  • Create another folder named scene files < another one named footage < Mel < undistorted footage
  • Into that footage you bring all the footage downloaded
  • 3D on equalizer < save project < find the 3D scene folder and name it Camera Lock
  • Camera < 8bit color correction < gamma 2 < soft 1 < playback < export buff compression
  • Config < horizontal plan < image controls < enable the 3rd and create a brightness
  • Hold control and go down you create a point < ctrl-left move the point < press T to track the point and press E to endpoint *remember not track glass or water*
  • Add brightness to trrack point you would not see
  • Group all the points you tracked in order to have a tidy composition
  • Then track the points on the sidewalk and group also those
  • Save the project and go to Calc < Calc From Scratch (Alt-C). You can click inside and move. All the white lines are the frames we tracked and the red points are the keyframe of the camera.
  • If there is any bad point there, we would se a gap
  • Manual tracking < lineup controls it shows you that the points have axis so we see the track in 3D space.
  • To see this 3D space we added a polygon in front of the camera

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